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Hot Water Professional "Hot Water Units"

Here you will find product information on some of the Hot Water Units and Boilers we stock for installations and replacements.
Please contact us on phone 1300 135 162 (Melbourne Metro Only) if you have any questions or require pricing information.

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Gas Tanks
CompanyProductModelUsageStorageHourly Gas InputRecoveryBathrooms
Aquamax340 AquamaxG340NMNOutdoor Only155401852-4 PeopleMore Info
Aquamax390 AquamaxG390NOutdoor Only155401852-4 PeopleMore Info
Dux135 Dux135IIndoor Only0281172-4 peopleMore Info
Dux135 Dux Marathon135TOutdoor Only0331352-4 peopleMore Info
Dux135 Dux Proflow135FOutdoor Only0331352-4 peopleMore Info
Dux170 Dux170iIndoor Only17031153-5 peopleMore Info
Dux170 Dux Marathon170TOutdoor Only0331353-5 peopleMore Info
Dux170 Dux Proflow170FOutdoor Only0331353-5 peopleMore Info
Dux90 Dux90FOutdoor Only90281111-3 peopleMore Info
Rheem135 Optima811135Outdoor Only035280 first hour2-4 peopleMore Info
Rheem135 Rheemglas300135Indoor Only030260 first hour2-4 peopleMore Info
Rheem135 Rheemglas311135Outdoor Only035280 first hour2-4 peopleMore Info
Rheem135 Rheemplus314135Outdoor Only035280 first hour2-4 peopleMore Info
Rheem170 Optima811170Outdoor Only0403353-5 peopleMore Info
Rheem170 Rheemglas300170Indoor Only0302953-5 peopleMore Info
Rheem170 Rheemglas311170Outdoor Only040335 first hour3-5 peopleMore Info
Rheem170 Rheemplus314170Outdoor Only0403353-5 peopleMore Info
Rheem260 Heavy Duty620260Indoor Only0504705-9 peopleMore Info
Rheem260 Heavy Duty630260Outdoor Only0504705-9 peopleMore Info
Rheem265 H/Duty Rheem631 265Outdoor Only0110622 first hour at 50c riseBulkMore Info
Rheem320 Everhot647320Outdoor Only16040320 first hour3-5 peopleMore Info
Rheem330 Stellar850330Outdoor Only042330 first hour2-4 peopleMore Info
Rheem360 Stellar850360Outdoor Only0423603-6 peopleMore Info
Rheem90 Rheemglas311090Outdoor Only030210 first hour1-3 peopleMore Info
SimeSime Format 34i Heating OnlyFormat 34i-NGIndoor Only014534 K/WattMore Info
VulcanVulcan 135641135Outdoor Only13030280 first hour2-4 peopleMore Info
VulcanVulcan 170641170Outdoor Only16040335 first hour3-5 peopleMore Info